Locate installed version of Digital Performer 3. This program updates the mk3 Hybrid firmware to version 1. This firmware is compatible only with original Travelers. DavidBrown99 Max Output Level: I’ve seen posts where people mention that they switch to another app while running Sonar and when they set the focus back to Sonar, Sonar becomes unresponsive and often someone mentions the sharing driver thing. Use this version if you are using Panther Unzip and double-click installer.

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This update does not apply to UltraLite mk3s. Use WinZip to expand. Aha, or so I thought It also requires Interlok Extensions, included with installer. It uses the old PCI card, which I know isn’t officially supported in 64 bit systems. This update is strongly recommended for all BPM 1.

I couldn’t agree more. Who is online In total there are 2 users online:: This update includes several ehancements for Windows XP bit operation. If you do get around upgrading your card, I would suggest going straight to the PCIe version so that you don’t risk kotu to upgrade it second time.


This is a maintenance update for the mk3 Firewire interface. Go to the Sounds tab and select “No Sounds” from the list of sound schemes. Be sure you have a software program that controls the MOTU, it’s running and it works.

Refer to Read Me file for important info. Windows MEWindows Continue through setup to complete install. File will update your Traveler to the latest version 1.

– MOTU compatibility with Windows 7

This update corrects aspects of the previous version of the console that prevent it from running on Windows Also, connect both cards outs to a mixer so you can use your monitors for general windows sounds. It also requires a full install, including iLok authorization, of Jk2 version 1. This is a maintenance update to Digital Performer.

This mogu will patch AudioDesk 1. This program updates the mk3 Hybrid firmware to version 1. Arm an audio track and select an input from the MOTU driver and enable input monitoring or just record some and make sure that works.


User Control Panel Log out. This installer updates an original UltraLite to firmware version 1.

OK, I did it … I bought a MOTU 828 MkII

Regardless of anything or not, what you can also do is go into the device manager. Power down your MOTU hardware. This install provides compatibility updates for Tiger OSX This update requires a previous full install and authorization of Digital Performer 6.

This patch will only work on DP3 or 3. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S Sat Dec 29, 5: Users browsing this forum: Update profiles only for use with Unisyn 2. This driver will not work with any card other than the 8-bit type.