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The Dual Strike, which debuted in , was Microsoft’s second notable venture into strange gamepad designs, following the Freestyle Pro. I like the option of using either wired or wireless, and the freedom of charging without a dock. Support for this joystick was dropped with the advent of Windows XP. In addition, the mouse was made wireless, and the maximum DPI sensitivity was upped to I’m hoping I’ve found the last mouse I need to buy, or at least until a further updated version arrives! There are only a few things that can be improved on. I can’t tell any difference between the blue light performance and a standard red LED.

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You also get three sets of different feet for the X8, which lets you tailor the tactile feel of the mouse to whatever surface you choose.

Contact Us – ehMac. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

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The sensitivity is great, mouse speed helps to adjust the max sensitivity setting, which I use. Overall there is nothing about this mouse to dislike. Forward of this pair is a long, thin button that lies parallel to your sixewinder in a vertical recess to the left of the left-click button.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See All Buying Options. My only problem with this mouse is that it really needs two more thumb buttons to be rightfully called a top of the line sidedinder mouse.


I’m saying it should not even be there.

Sidewindet there, you can immediately start using the mouse in wired fashion and program the buttons within IntelliPoint. It has an upper section attached to a base. Every time I use it I have to get used to the weird feel of it again. Originally Posted by Kami.

Download driver Sidewinder X8 Mouse for Mac OS X

I bought this mouse hoping for a great gaming mouse and have heard good things about microsft Sidewinder products.

My trusty Logitech MX Revolution was on it’s last leg after four years. The X8 delivers bone crushing dots-per-inch dpi designed for one thing only—to tally up a high microsoft sidewinder x8 count. However, due to a flaw in the design of the Precision Pro, in rare cases the stick would build up a static charge in its electronics and require either a complex process to discharge that was not always successful, or simply needed to stay unpowered for a number of hours to slowly discharge on its own.

Well it’s been 6 years. I bought the X8 hoping it would be it, and it tracks just as well and just as accurately as the Razer does.

It was a simple two button, three axis joystick. This means that force feedback would be unavailable on the earliest of PCs, where the gameports lack MIDI functionality. It features up to 30 programmable macro keys, volume control, media control, a detachable numpad and backlighting.


Retrieved 5 August I tried very hard not to like it, but turns out its actually a really nice mouse. Add to Wish List.


The right and left click buttons are remappable but News Reviews Insights TechRadar. My hand is sore as I type this from trying to grow accustomed to the mouse’s grip, and I finally just gave up and went back to my old one.

See last part of section entitled “What I don’t sirewinder Now, my entire hand fits snugly, and comfortably right on the mouse. It fits me comfortably. Infollowing a collaboration with Razer in creating the Microsoft Habu and Microsoft Reclusa, a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard sold under the plain Microsoft Hardware brand, Microsoft resurrected the SideWinder brand with an all-new Micrisoft Mouse, designed from the ground up for high-end PC gaming.

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Video game controllers Microsoft hardware. Retrieved from ” https: However, it is enormous in my wife’s hands.

Its shape is the same as the original but without the LCD, weight adjusting and metal side buttons.