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Quite simple, isn’t it? Follow, to receive updates on this topic. This is a tiny Windows or Linux software that renders a VM or physical server into a storage cluster whitness or Storage Cluster Controller. For more information about OS versions, please refer to the Downloads tab on this page. Share this post Link to post.

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Moving the identitiy to the other node, informing the application server about the move and force the MPIO on the server to switch takes some time.

Storage is directly connected to servers. Three or more paths are not connectable. Fujitsu’s StorageCluster feature is a very interesting piece of technology.

fujutsu In this case, the storage controller can be accessed from either of the HBAs that are providing multipath connectivity. I delete this line from modprobe.

I installed clean 6.

Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. If not check the slave’s IQN is allowed to access the storage and not just the master This time can be up to 10 seconds.


If one of the nodes fails, the secondary node will take over the complete SAN identity of the first node. In Xencenter photo xen1 we see that multipathing is not active.

ETERNUS DX/AF series ODM package for AIX MPIO Download

Did this article help you? Absolutely not, FTS’s storage products are very stable, perhaps not that feature rich, but absolutely reliable, easy to setup and maintain most of them: And does the slave state in XenCenter that multipathing is active on the fujktsu under General Properties? ETERNUS ,pio Driver supports redundant access paths and load mpil capability between systems for higher operational reliability and greater performance.

Maybe it’s because multipathd was already loaded that it won’t activate like that? In iSCSI environments switch-over time can be between 30 seconds and up to seconds which is way too much for nearly all applications.

When the preferred path becomes healthy again, control can be returned to the preferred path. Posted March 29, What Analysts Say White Paper: This article did not resolve my issue. A common example of multipath connectivity is a SAN-connected storage device.

Multipathing – 1 path only active – Storage – Discussions

Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications: For the application server, there is no path failover in a traditional way as the WWN of the controller port will not change. This can avoid access stoppage therefore improves system reliability.


To request a new product feature or fuhitsu provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page.

VMware Consolidated Backup 1. What I must settings for after reboot slave, multipathing is enable and work.


Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. Larger systems like the DX or support up to 32 ports per system.

Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. In normal scenarios this pmio ridiculous low so better plan with GBit and more.

I connect 2 taget sessions to RX2, but in xencenter I still have multipathing not active. Please contact us for details.