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The Epson Scanner Monitor is version 1. VueScan works very well with this combination. May not help but I’d try a direct connection also. Also does great scans. Basically, the Canon software was refusing to recognize the driver until I installed them in the proper order. Anything greater than that should be rescanned instead of deskewed. To avoid another repeat of this, remember to check http:

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Before you purchase a ScanTango key, feel free to download the software and try it out. If your scanner is working fine, you shouldn’t turn this on as it creates an ever-expanding text file “ScanTangoDebug.

It is removed after use. I just bought the Epson V Photo scanner and downloaded the new Epson scanner installer 3. Fortunately I still have my old iMac running I did not install any Epson driver software I fo-5015c using third-party drivers unless absolutely necessary as they invariably go out of date and in my experience often cause problemsand I just use Image Capture to perform fj-5015c scanning.

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Despeckle now removes single pixel speckles properly. If no type is specified, the application Preferences for new scan type will be used.

The scanner is always plugged into the G5, directly into an onboard USB 2. I’m happy I can scan with this tiny flatbed Canon on the new system.


I noticed that VueScan had been updated to correct this problem so I went ahead and downloaded the new version and tried to replace the old version 8. I will have to play around with ImageCapture a little more to see what the results are I followed the procedure from the January 9th report for the CanoScan F, and it worked fine. It’s not a great front end but better than none. Since my Leopard The crop problem seems to have been corrected. Then click on “Buttons” 5.

Fixed a problem that caused windows to be moved to strange places on the screen following the initial window resize that occurs after the first page is scanned.

The following features when available in hardware are supported across all scanner models: Although I did get one scan to work, the next day under identical conditions the crashing continued. I have a Canoscan NU, which is a 48 bit scanner This is the default setting. Unfortunately I don’t have the old scanner to test with the SANE TWAIN drivers since I got rid of the old scanner but I dont think they would work since the scanner wouldn’t work even when plugged in under windows which leads me to think there is some sort of hardware incompatibility between the MacPro and the chipset inside the LIDE I have VueScan, most updated software of all time, and it works just fine.

Software Downloads: fi-5110C

ScanTango detects when this has happened and fi-501c restores the images to 1-bit, allowing files to be updated and resaved using the original specified file format. The problem centers around a bug in Apple’s Mail application relating to blank signature blocks. And I really like the fact it was a usb-powered Scanner. It worked fine when I first installed it on my new iMac 24in with Tiger, actually the first time I was able to use the Firewire interface. Granted, for professional use this thing is probably not ideal, but for occasional use its great.


Then it does shows up under import in photoshop. Code that was required to center the scan area in the EOX ScanSnap was not required for the fiC and was causing an error.

However the application Epson Scan 2. I bought a LIDE 70 scanner this summer and it worked passably well though any resolution over dpi was purple colored Our download files are standard “drag install” disk images containing a properly signed application.

Use Spotlight to find the remainder. Other applications that are listed as “Application Universal ” have a checkbox below to allow me to force them to run in Rosetta if I want to.