So…when do we get an update on availability? I love the design, just not a huge PC gamer. This headset is awesome. Its very hard to get the levels right for the volume for both phones and mic. You can’t chat with this user because you have blocked him. I found a setting in my game, il-2, that was the problem. My problem is getting the BSOD after about 10 min of gameplay.

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As a result of all the enthusiastic messages above, I got myself a set of these Audio FX Pro headphones.

Note that I’ve looked at some external sound cards like the Zalman, Vantec, and Creative SB Live ones [Audigy 2 NX seems to have dissapeared] and reviews on newegg and other places just don’t seem to be too positive. I use them primarily for il-2 flight sim. Gaming headsets used to be a frivolous thing that people would laugh at you for wearing, but now they are an almost essential part of a game experience.

I first saw in this “back to school gadgets” article form Tom’s Hardware: This headset is the biggest piece of trash I have ever come across. We all deserve a refund.


I also find it disturbing that the driver software only offers 2 settings. Anyone have any ideas that I can try? Next Post Benheck Podcast Episode Oh, and one other thing.

Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. Good work Mr Ben: Hope this helps others aswell. I hope that helps.

The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

It’s a hard life. However, i just started doing some desktop recording and I have one major complaint. It is incredibly comfortable, but I can’t get it to ehck on my lappy. I also had to stretch the hell out of the auxiofx in order to get them to stop hurting my ears and head.

The program that installs drivers on the disk that came with it won’t recognize the headset as being plugged in, yet it shows up in the device manager.

Audio FX Pro 5+1 Gaming Headset |

My problem is getting the BSOD after about 10 min of gameplay. Is there a fix? It just went silent yesterday. Edimennsional microphone worked right off. Sweet design on the headset.


EDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 By Ben Heck (Headset)

Loud pop, silence and no sound until I reboot. I especially like the retro feel. Will note back later with possible solutions, but so far, none but uninstalling the drivers.

Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Redemption, your drivers worked perfectly!!!! Could it be drivers? I was wondering if anyone had any experience or opinions on this particular headset? Really, I think everyone expected more, I mean, at least a product of your own design would have been nice.

Console modder Ben Heck has revealed his latest masterpiece; an Xbox Elite laptop, with a full how-to guide.

The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset | Web Portal for Benjamin J Heckendorn

The design is top notch. Both TS and the ingame sound is mapped to the headsets. Teamspeak sounds better than it ever has.