All testing was done using Windows 98 SE. Despite my always having had good luck, performance and support from Supra in the past I can only say that the SonicBlue: Remember you must update both the modem and the modem enumerator. It’s supposed to be replaced by the N. Brendan Member Oct 2: Gonna take it back to BestBuy as soon as I get the time. It does not support V.

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The MOH app now works. There still is no modem-on-hold application being offered even in beta form. The other application is called Internet Call Notification ICNwhich communicates with you when you have an incoming call.

I can’t recommend this one unless you’ve no alternative.

Diamond Multimedia Modem Drivers Download

No I don’t understand. Not much in the way of instructions. It’s about a 7 megabyte zip file. It did not matter whether I connected to the V.

It is built on Diaond, but that’s a non-issue. Despite these problems, customer support has been quite responsive and their modems reasonably priced.

Though I’ve not given it a through shakedown, the modem has proven reasonably reliable so far, pulling down a Microsoft IE6 upgrade file of 20 megabytes without difficulty. While I diamodn not yet been able make this work on my Win2k system the computer sciences grad student did and reported that it worked though it seemed a bit clunky.


Folks with Unix boxes can do an anonymous ftp to totalservice. Anyone with a in similar circumstances can find their files at: You have little or no control over the timing of when an incoming call comes in, but you can control the timing of your outgoing calls so that they do not conflict with your internet session. I have tested the latest release of the modem on-hold application and have found it to work well. He said he was able to receive and make calls.

Gonna guess it’s just the modem, I wasn’t very impressed with it at all. I do not know skpramax reason that tech support is no longer responding but because of it I can no longer recommended BestData’s products. I’m told that the ” designates a V. A non-working MOH app and no tech support.

Unfortunately this was a Windows 98 version and while I had reservations it would work I did as instructed. If I’ve given certain modems negative ratings it’s usually because some feature of V.

Diamond Multimedia Drivers Download – Diamond Multimedia

Here’s the official announcement from their ReplayTV site. I also tested two modems that may be of interest to the financially impaired. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? USR has two proprietary applications that deal with the new features in V.


Brendan Warr Guitar join: The caller-id information immediately began being correctly displayed by NetWaiting. I’ve asked for an escalation on that point since they’re advertising V. What’s most disturbing is the response I got from Creative Labs. For 20 bucks you could well be getting a bargain. I did get this loaded up on my Win2K system but it would not recognize the modem. Diamond Multimedia Suprawww. The modem will establish a V. Describe why you cannot install the WinXP drivers for themaybe I or someone else can help.

Simply install the drivers followed by installing the modem in an available PCI slot.