If one member of physical SATA Hard disk within the array is off-line or failed,the status of array will become to be degraded from normal. Remove the front panel assembly. Page Using the Objects commandTo check data consistency using the Objects command: Viewing volume propertiesTo view volume properties: Driver installation Page This section provides information about thepower supply unit and a troubleshooting guidefor solving common problems when using thebarebone server.

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Turn on the system after installing all Serial ATA hard disk drives.

The CDautomatically displays the Drivers menu if Autorun is enabled in yourcomputer. Locate the four screws on the rearpanel.

Setting Up Raid; Raid Definitions – Asus TSE5 User Manual [Page ]

Select an item then press to display the configuration options. This section tells how to remove the following components: Repeat the step 4 to attach the second mounting ear to the chassis bottom. Loosen the thumb screw thatsecures the HDD blower case tothe chassis. Follow steps 1—4 of the section Integrated Mirroring volume.


Asus TS300-E5 User Manual: Setting Up Raid; Raid Definitions

Theconfigurable array appears on screen. Click on an rad to install. These problems only requires simple troubleshooting actionsthat you can perform by yourself. To install the chassis wheels: Shredders Oils and Bags.

Motherboard information for detailed information on themotherboard. Thread the cabling straps into cable holes on the cable manager arm. The bottom one is LAN1. Tips and information to aid in completing a task. The firm’s beginnings date back to April 2,when as a small manufacturer of motherboards began his work with a few employees.

Drive in the four screws youremoved earlier into the fan screwholes to secure the metal shroud tothe fan. To delete a RAID set: During POST, press to display the utility main menu. Failure to do so may cause physical injury, and damage to the card andmotheboard components! Clear User PasswordSelect this item to clear the user password.

The indicator for theselected drive now shows RBLD. From the inside of the front panelassembly, insert the flat end of adummy cover into the slot as shown. To reinstall the system fan: Read the Readme File Information and press Next to activate theinstallation. Write the BIOS filename on a piece of paper.


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Each wheel has a brake lock to stabilize the chassis in place. When initialization is completed, press. After reboot, the rebuild will occurautomatically.

Flexible Configuration Options for Expansion and Storage Upgrade

RAID 0 Data striping optimizes two identical hard disk drives to read and write. If correctly installed, theouter edge of the backplane alignswith the corner of the drive cage. Press, or. Using the Initialize commandTo initialize the logical drive using the Initialize command: